Saint Row 4 Cheat Codes

First of all you must “Pause” the game then select the “Extras” option. After that you can choose the “Cheats” option. Select the “Add Cheat” and enter one of the cheat codes below to activate. If you entered the code correctly, you must hear a sound.

Note: Trophies and autosave functions are disabled when cheats are activated. But you can “manually” save the game when cheats are enabled.

Result Code
All Unlockables unlockitall

Player Ability
Give Cash ($100,000): cheese
Weapons [Note 1]: letsrock
Vehicle No Damage: vroom
Repair current vehicle: repaircar
Clear Notoriety: goodygoody
Infinite Sprint: runfast
Disable Warden Spawns: nowardens
Instant Warden Notoriety: instantwarden
Unlock Blast: superblast
Unlock Buff: superbuff
Unlock Death From Above: superdfa
Unlock Stomp: superstomp
Unlock Telekinesis: supertk
Disable Super Movement: nosupermove
Disable Super Powers: nosuperpowers

Spawn alien hover tank: givehovertank
Spawn XOR (alien hoverbike): givetrouble

ASCII mode: ascii
Big Head mode: bigheadmode
Disable Glitch FX: noglitchcity
Evil Cars: evilcars
Fast Forward (time speeds up): fastforward
Heaven Bound (corpses rise into the air): fryhole
Insane City: insanecity
Mascots (mascot pedestrians): mascot
Pimps and Hos (pimps and prostitutes pedestrians): hohoho
Vehicle Smash (smash vehicles easily): isquishyou

Silverlink [Note 2]
Golden Gun (one-hit kills): goldengun
Rated M++ (everyone killed explodes into blood): notrated
Slow Motion (time slows down): slowmo

DLC [Note 3]
All Super Upgrades: dlc_sosuper
Infinite Ammo: dlc_unlimited_ammo
Infinite Clip: dlc_unlimited_clip
Infinite Mass: dlc_car_mass
Never Die: dlc_never_die
Super Power Strength 100%: dlc_superduper
Note 1: This code unlocks the alien RPG, automatic rifle, baseball bat, heavy pistol, heavy SMG, McManus 2020, and semi-auto shotgun.

Note 2: These cheats must first be unlocked in the game before they can be used.

Note 3: These cheats require the purchase of the “Executive Privilege Pack” DLC in order to use them.
Have fun! Good luck!

Written by: Dmr

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