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Hood ornament locations
Search the indicated location to find the corresponding hood ornament:

Desert Skull

Location: Black Maws
Effect: Attack Boost

Location: East Grit Canyons
Effect: Harpoon Boost. This is found as part of the “A Piece Tougher” mission.
Sly One

Location: South Grit Canyons
Effect: Handling Boost
The Lawrel

Location: Colossus
Effect: Handling Boost
Mask Of The Pious

Location: Dry Gustie
Effect: Defense Boost
Plug Halo

Location: Northern Fuel Veins
Effect: Defense Boost
Dread Arm

Location: Southern Fuel Veins
Effect: Attack Boost
Helmeted Beast

Location: Reek Hills
Effect: Top Speed Boost
Rubba Baby

Location: Parch Moon
Effect: Top Speed Boost

Location: The Height
Effect: Top Speed Boost

Location: Grandrise
Effect: Defense Boost
Death Twins

Location: Cadavanaugh
Effect: Weaponry Boost
Demon Doll

Location: Wailing Win
Effect: Weaponry Boost
Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

Slight Distraction (10 points): Complete the Dinki-Di Wasteland Mission.
Golden Boy (5 points): Reach a new legend rank.
Road Warrior (100 points): Reach Road Warrior legend rank.
Just Rewards (5 points): Have 5,000 scrap in your inventory.
Scrap Collector (15 points): Have 10,000 scrap in your inventory.
Start of Something Good (45 points): Clear all threat in Jeet’s territory.
Keep Up the Good Work (45 points): Clear all threat in Gutgash’s territory.
Spreading the Word (45 points): Clear all threat in Pink Eye’s territory.
Jeet Thrives (15 points): Reduce threat to 0 in the Balefire Flatland region around Jeet’s Stronghold.
Gutgash Thrives (15 points): Reduce threat to 0 in the Parch Moon region around Gutgash’s Stronghold.
Pink Eye Thrives (15 points): Reduce threat to 0 in the Knit Sack region around Pink Eye’s Stronghold.
Stop and Smell the Roses (15 points): Complete all Wasteland Missions.
The Exiled (15 points): Defeat an enemy vehicle with every Archangel.
Maximum Air (10 points): Be airborne in a vehicle for 4 seconds or more and land without dying.
On the Road to Nowhere (8 points): Travel 1300 car lengths in a vehicle.
Doing Jeet a Big Favor (3 points): Build two projects in Jeet’s Stronghold.
Doing Gutgash a Big Favor (3 points): Build two projects in Gutgash’s Stronghold.
Doing Pink Eye a Big Favor (3 points): Build two projects in Pink Eye’s Stronghold.
Fresh Air (10 points): Drive the Magnum Opus off a Wasteland jump.
A Thousand Words (5 points): Collect all History Relics.
Wasteland Chef (3 points): Eat a meal of maggots.
Quench Their Thirst (2 points): Give water to a wanderer.
The Constructionist (25 points): Build all projects in all strongholds.
The Bigger they are… (5 points): Take down a Top Dog camp.
Razing Legend (50 points): Take down all Scrotus camps.
The Quick Driver (5 points): Complete a Time Bomb Death Run.
The Smart Driver (5 points): Complete a Scatter Death Run.
The Skilled Driver (5 points): Complete a Barrel Bash Death Run.
Running Wild (12 points): Complete at least one race at every Death Run Location.
The Saint (15 points): Complete a Death Run in an Archangel.
The Guardian (40 points): Successfully complete a Death Run with every Archangel.
The Messenger (40 points): Complete a Death Run in legendary time with every Archangel.
Daddy Wants a New Grill (5 points): Collect all hood ornaments.
Blockhead (25 points): Own the best V6 and V8 Engines.
Bomb Specialist (10 points): Clear all minefields.
Explosions Are Not Enough (25 points): Complete all optional objectives in all camps.
Looked Everywhere (10 points): Loot all Scavenging Locations.
Maximum (50 points): Fully upgrade Max.
No Brainer (10 points): Destroy all scarecrows.
Rust is the New Black (3 points): Collect all body colors.
Sniper Suppressor (10 points): Take out all Scrotus snipers.
Just Walk Away (8 points): Travel 650 car lengths on foot.
Up to the Task (80 points): Complete all non-repeating challenges.
Up, Up and Away (10 points): Fly the balloon at every Vantage Outpost.
Additionally, there are five secret achievements:

Everything Lost Again (10 points): Complete Act 01.
Wasteland of Opportunities (15 points): Complete Act 02.
Digging a Deeper Hole (15 points): Complete Act 03.
Power in the Machine (20 points): Complete Act 04.
Downward Spiral Reawakening (100 points): Complete Act 05.

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