Batman Arkham Asylum Save Game

DOWNLOAD Batman Arkham Asylum Save Game

The first Batman and for me the best storyline. This save game that we are providing includes every chapter,

Prologue: A Night of Laughs
Chapter1: Killers at Large
Chapter2: Hanging Over Madness
Chapter3: Hunter and Hunted
Chapter4: Into the Open Night
Chapter5: Wings of a Savior
Chapter6: A Fearsome Opponent
Chapter7: The Dark Nectar
Chapter8: Crashing the Party
Chapter9: Reliving a Nightmare
Chapter10: A Cut Above
Chapter11: Behind Closed Doors
Chapter12: His Personal Army
Chapter13: Deliver Us From Evil
Chapter14: In His Realm
Chapter15: A Growing Threat
Chapter16: Treasure Hunting
Chapter17: Last Laughs

To install the save game all you have to do is paste the save data in the rar file to the following folder “Eidos\Batman Arkham Asylum\SaveData\”

Hope you enjoy the game ! 🙂

Written by: GameForSave

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After years of hard work we finally are back.

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