Grand Theft Auto 5 Save Game


We have worked non-stop 48 hours to complete the GTA 5 Save Game file for PC, hope you enjoy it.

Loads in as Franklin  with the armored Kuruma and a UFO

How to install GTA 5 SAVE GAME for PC
1) open your Documents/Rockstar Games/GTA V/Profiles/(your profile name)
2) Open your winrar file and Copy and than  paste SGTA50015 and SGTA50015.bak (you may have to rename these if you already have files with the same name) into your profile folder

-Loads in as Franklin on top of Mount Chilliad with a Space Docker and a UFO
-Replaces Space Docker with Duke O’ Death
-All characters have over $600,000,000,000 each (stock portfolios)
-All properties owned with every character
-Replaces Duke O’ Death with Kuruma (armored)
-Collected all wreckage parts
-Unlocked all animals in Director Mode
-Collected all nuclear waste
-Completed the Epsilon Program
-Maxed out each character’s skills
-Completed the arms race
-Collected all Epsilon Tracts
-Gold medals on all Main and Strangers & Freaks missions




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After years of hard work we finally are back.

Enjoy the biggest save game archive


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