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If you are a GTA 5 fan this game is the right game to play. Just Cause 3 is finally out. One of the best part about Just Cause series are the explosions. It is like demolishing everything over and over. So much fun without complication. The map is incredibly big which the producers claim it is more than 400 square kilometers with any kind of weather you want. Snowy, rainy, sunny weather whatever you want. The game came out Today and we are playing it right now as we speak. So we are planning to complete the whole story in couple days max. If you want to get the latest details about our progress please visit our social media sites facebook and twitter and bookmark this page!

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  1. Anonymous December 4, 2015 | Reply
    So around how many weeks, day, or hrs?
    • GameForSave December 18, 2015 | Reply
      The game is %100 completed. We just cannot find a way to export the save game. We cannot find our own save game in other words :) still working on it
  2. Filo December 4, 2015 | Reply
    Share the save end using for steam ban account?
    • GameForSave December 4, 2015 | Reply
      no you don't get banned for using another share. Steam does not care unless you are cheating.
  3. Luan December 6, 2015 | Reply
    as a% of this savegame?
    • GameForSave December 18, 2015 | Reply
      the game is completed. Check the comment below
  4. gusti December 15, 2015 | Reply
    is this for ps4?
  5. Killer2120 December 17, 2015 | Reply
    Hello how far are you with the game :) i really want to fun around i dont care about the storyline
    • GameForSave December 17, 2015 | Reply
      We actually completed the game couple days ago but we are trying to figure it out how to get the save game.. It is a mystery to get the data.. If you know how to get it let us know :) it is not in here %USERPROFILE% \Documents\Square Enix\Just Cause 3\Saves\ \ ... so trying to find a way :(
      • Killer2120 December 18, 2015 | Reply
        strange my savegame is on that location.... it has a strange number and stuff but it is my savegame
        • GameForSave December 19, 2015 | Reply
          the file on the specific location that we have is the config file.
  6. SAgames356 December 30, 2015 | Reply
    And one more thing the just cause 3 save game is't going to be on ps4
    • GameForSave December 30, 2015 | Reply
      Sadly not right now. We are doing our best to get it done though! Keep in touch :)

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