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We all loved the movie Mad Max, no CGI, pure action! Warner Bros has recently published the game Mad Max and it is pure action. You can explore the map, do missions and so on. AND ITS UP! You can finally use the save game for a full finished mad max experience! Hope you enjoy and spread the word around !

If the first save doesn’t work you can use the gameSave01_backup.sav
but remember to change the name and delete the part “_backup”

How to install:

Copy savegame files to

for Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10

Program Files (x86)\Steam\”userdata”\38135736\234140\remote

Written by: Dmr

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    • GameForSave September 5, 2015 | Reply
      UbiRock we are doing our best to finish it :) its a pretty long run tho.
    • GameForSave September 10, 2015 | Reply
      we have nearly completed it but we are trying to figure it out how to make the save game download. They programmed it so you cannot export it, but soon enough :) keep the page bookmarked ;)
  1. Michae1 September 13, 2015 | Reply
    THANKS A LOT!!! It worked! I was searching for this for ages and it works!
  2. UbiRock Team September 14, 2015 | Reply
    Thanks, Thanks, Thanks, I love your team everytime :D I'm a persian boy. I love your website and your team.
    • GameForSave September 15, 2015 | Reply
      cheers mate! I am half persian as well :)
  3. ege September 20, 2015 | Reply
    This site is very good and best site.GOOD JOOB game for save
  4. ege September 20, 2015 | Reply
    good job gameforsave this site is very good
  5. Mara September 22, 2015 | Reply
    Hi, I cant find that folder with saved games, pls help
      • Mara September 26, 2015 | Reply
        Yes, I am using steam version
  6. CVJason September 23, 2015 | Reply
    mine does not load the save game
    • GameForSave September 25, 2015 | Reply
      are you using steam version? please define the problem :) thanks
  7. Jedd September 27, 2015 | Reply
    it says there is no save
    • GameForSave September 27, 2015 | Reply
      where does it say? can you describe the error please. Btw we have updated the file! :) enjoy
  8. Sam November 24, 2015 | Reply
    Is it possible to get a save before the mission a piece tougher?
    • GameForSave November 24, 2015 | Reply
      sorry mate but we do special requests via donations only.

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