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The latest update of Metal Gear Solid series: The Phantom Pain. We have completed the game!!Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is an open world action-adventure stealth video game that published by Konami. One of the best game stories I have ever seen! During the game you will find your self in a puzzle and you are free to solve those puzzles with your own ways. That indicates how flexible Phantom Pain’s gameplay is. Also Stealth flexibility is very high and there are lots of abilities and gadgets. Those adventages make this kind of game never exist before.

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How to install:

Copy savegame files to

for Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10

Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\”steam ID”\311340\remote

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  1. UbiRock Team September 15, 2015 | Reply
    For frist i must install steam and add my game in steam? Or not?
    • GameForSave September 15, 2015 | Reply
      I think it should work that way mate. If not let me know I will figure out a way for you :) cheers
    • GameForSave September 22, 2015 | Reply
      Sadly it't not. We are working on the PlayStation save games atm
  2. Powawolf September 22, 2015 | Reply
    Hi! Is the savegame is after mission 46? Thanks!
    • GameForSave September 25, 2015 | Reply
      we are working on it :) sadly we do not own a play station console so we have to pay for some guys to do it for us. Feel free to donate in order to decrease the time for the save :)
  3. Tushaar September 25, 2015 | Reply
    i cant accessthe save file should i replace the old on eor delete it
    • GameForSave September 26, 2015 | Reply
      backup the old one and replace it with the new one. It should work
  4. LyDark October 7, 2015 | Reply
    I want save to misson 47 plz no 100% I want 50%
    • GameForSave October 11, 2015 | Reply
      sorry but we deliver special request by donations. and as far as I know you can select the missions can't you?
  5. osiris October 15, 2015 | Reply
    how do i download this onto my ps4? can you help me
  6. GHOST October 30, 2015 | Reply
    DO i must play the game first then copy the file or what?
  7. GHOST November 4, 2015 | Reply
    sorry thats not what i mean.this is the first time i play the game so the mission progress should be at 0%.i have copy the files but nothing change the mission progress is till o%,so what must i do,do i must play through the game first or what
  8. NINRIDER November 5, 2015 | Reply
    my save for TPP is in 287700\local not in 311340\remote and whenever i copy it there , it says its corrupted, any ideas ?
    • GameForSave November 8, 2015 | Reply
      I think it is something with your game, our save game has been used by 150.000 users users and I haven't got any complaints like that. remove the save game and put it again.
  9. no name November 7, 2015 | Reply
    game on my D drive what can I do
    • GameForSave November 8, 2015 | Reply
      you have to search for the profile folder same as you do on C. It is being saved somewhere, find it, paste it, that's all :)
  10. Zim November 15, 2015 | Reply
    can i copy it too 3dm save file instead on steam cuz i dont have that steam file...
    • GameForSave November 15, 2015 | Reply
      Yes you can, if it doesn't work you can contact us on and we can walk through all steps
  11. Scott W November 27, 2015 | Reply
    Any news on the ps4 version?
      • Scott W December 4, 2015 | Reply
        As I patiently await the ps4 save, I am a little confused as to how this works. Once I copy the save to my system, would I then Be able to replay any mission with everything unlocked (weapons, outfits, unlockables) as if I had already beat the game?
  12. Nick F November 28, 2015 | Reply
    are you updating the save game to the point where they have all of the upgraded gear such as the ones that need level 95 teams to make (new tranq pistol with stock). it would be really helpful if you guys do thanks
    • GameForSave December 18, 2015 | Reply
      Sorry but we do special requests by donations
  13. Lila December 22, 2015 | Reply
    Hey there, 100% is right... but i need a savegame with 100% on emblems =/
    • GameForSave December 22, 2015 | Reply
      sorry mate but we do special requests via donations. All of the save games are made by us uploaded on our servers with zero income :) hope you understand us

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