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Download Resident Evil 6 Save Game

Resident Evil 6 is an action-adventure and third-person shooter video game that published and developed by Capcom in 2012. You choose one of the four scenarios with connected storylines and complete it. It’s very amazing with it’s horror effects and storylines.

How to install:

Unzip the files into the;

C: \ ProgramData \ Steam \ RLD

C: \ ProgramData \ Steam \userdata\\221040\

C:\Documents and Settings\All User\Application Data\Steam\3DMGAME

Save file includes;

*All campaign missions unlocked/completed on all difficulties
*All Skills unlocked/purchased
*Max Skill Points
*All Extra Modes Unlocked (including Siege, Survivors, Predator, Mercenaries, Mercenaries No Mercy, Agent Hunt and Onslaught)
*All Extra Modes Skills unlocked/purchased
*All Secret Emblems found
*All Cutscenes unlocked
*All Files unlocked/read
*All Action Figures unlocked
*All Dog tag templates unlocked
*All Emblems/Achievements earned
*163 of 165 Campaign titles unlocked completely
*13 of 15 Mercenaries titles unlocked completely
*11 of 15 Agent Hunt titles unlocked completely
*12 of 15 Onslaught titles unlocked completely
*11 of 15 Survivor titles unlocked completely
*13 of 15 Predator titles unlocked completely
*13 of 15 Siege titles unlocked completely
*All Mercenaries stages unlocked
*All Mercenaries-No Mercy stages and customes unlocked
*All Weapons unlocked/used
*All Enemies defeated (including Left 4 Dead 2 bosses)

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