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the playthrough of Witcher 3 was so fun. However, it was hard to collect Gwent cards.

you can find the list of the cards here:

I have nearly collected every card available in the game. I think it might be nearly 190 of them.

The save file contains

The difficulty level is Sword and Story. But if you have any problems feel free to lower it down. I just like it hard to play.

It took me couple days to complete the game. Please forgive me if I missed some of the cards. Hope you enjoy it!

How to install:

Your save files should be stored here:
%userprofile%/Documents/The Witcher 3/gamesaves

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  1. Ficri October 2, 2015 | Reply
    hey,i lost my witcher 3 savegame i dunno what happen,my last quest is when accept The Last Wish (Yen side quest) in skellige, but if u have on the 2nd time to kaer morhen (main story after main quest in skellige finish) no problem for me,because i hate it when to complete from the start again,aprreciate n thanks for your help?
  2. Reik December 18, 2015 | Reply
    Anyone have a save just after the bloody baron story line finishes? Lost all my saves. Thanks

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